Fishing report

012 2019: another great year on the Clark Fork

July 22 , 2019

Clark Fork  4,920

 ST Regis 187.0

Thompson 219.0

 ST Joe at Red Ives 1.755ft

 Fishing has really turned on. Fish are in great shape they are both larger and stronger this year. The fishing is getting better each year after the dam removal. PMD, Caddis and Trico’s.  If you want to fish or need a shuttle call 406/649/3474.

Stop in at the shop we are open 7 days a week for shuttles or any of your fishing needs.

SHUTTLES FOREST GROVE $30.00 SUPERIOR $30.00 DRY CREEK $25.00  SLOWAY $20.00  ST REGIS $25.00  14 MILE $30.00 PARADICE $30.00 We do a ton of shuttle come in or call 649-3474